- professional development of school reading -

a web portal containing studies and summaries of readings from the high school and middle school. The site includes, inter alia, a summary of Ferdydurke, "Songs" and "Threnodies" Jan Kochanowski, and devising a "time for the Lord God," "Plague" by Albert Camus and "Kordian" and "Shoemakers". You can also find descriptions of the periods of literary and more contemporary literature. All abstracts are professionally prepared by Polonists. is the ideal portal for the more lazy students who do not have a light pen and have to have recourse to the information contained in the network. This portal is also a great alternative for students. How many times have you that you had the same work out what a friend or colleague? On this site you will find completely unique text, which you can serve as an inspiration, because as we all know plagiarism is prohibited.

From time to time organizes competitions portal, where you can win attractive prizes. What do I need to take part in the fight for the prize? Write a text (or a summary of the study), which is consistent with the theme of the contest. Polonists evaluate texts, and authors of the best texts will get a prize. Selected articles will be published on the portal